Shohin Yew (Update)

I’ve had this twisted old shohin yew for 2 years and it hasn’t put on any new growth in that time until now.

In the first year I had it, it didn’t look healthy at all and I was concerned about the condition of the original soil and the effect that might be having on the roots. At re-potting time in April of last year I noticed that the original soil was badly decomposed and and there was only live roots in the lower half of the original clay pot. I removed as much of the old soil as possible and replanted the tree in a coarse mix of akadama and kiryu in a slightly oversized rectangular pot by Zenigo. Throughout last year it was slow to respond but this year, I’m pleased to say, it is pushing out new buds all over the place.

I will let it grow throughout the spring and summer and give it its first major styling later in the year. Here are some pictures showing both sides of the tree, I haven’t decided which side will be the front, at the moment, hopefuly, that will become apparent when the tree gets its’ first styling.l


For comparison, this is how it looked 2 years ago.



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