Homemade Bonsai Landscape in Autumn

The homemade rock in the bonsai landscape that I started last year is beginning to take on a more natural appearance as the stone weathers and the moss takes hold. It will take another few years of refinement to get the trees shaped the way I would like them and to introduce more variety into the under planting but it’s getting there.


This is how it looked in July 2015, when the rock had set and I began to plant the trees


and this was it during the construction process in June 2015. The full construction method can be found by following the links to my 2 earlier posts. Post 1 and Post 2


Autumn Colour in My Shohin Trees

As the days get colder, reminding us that it will soon be time to move our trees into their winter protection, The autumn colour in the garden just gets better.

Here are some pictures of a few of my shohin trees that are looking good at the moment.

Trident Maple




Zelkova Serrata


and another Cotoneaster