Root over Rock Chinese Elm

Earlier this week, during the regular get together with my good friend Gerry, we looked at this Chinese Elm, which had its’ roots trained over a rock 2 years ago. It was transplanted into the pond basket you can see in the pictures last year to promote rapid root growth beneath the rock and was allowed to grow unchecked this year to help with root development. Now that it’s holding fast to the stone and firm in the pot, it’s time to clean it up, cut it back and see how it looks

This is how it looked before this weeks’ work was carried out.


And this is how it looks at the moment


Looking good I think. It will be transferred into a ceramic pot next spring to take it into the next stage of  development.



Bonsai at Ayr Flower Show 2016

The annual Ayr flower show in the birthplace of our national poet Robert Burns takes place this weekend and as usual there are lots of bonsai to see. Watston Bonsai and Ayrshire Bonsai Club created 3 large displays all of which received gold medals. The partitioned display by Ayrshire Bonsai Club also won the best in show award. There is also a small open competition event where anyone can enter a tree and have it judged.

Here are some general views of the displays

The Ayrshire clubs’ partitioned display. I covered this display in detail in an earlier post, which can be found here, when it was presented at the Gardening Scotland Show earlier this year.


The Watston Bonsai display


A new recruit to the hobby purchasing her first tree


Here is a gallery of my favourite images of individual trees. Those taken against the dark backdrop are from the open competition. Click on any image to see a larger one in gallery mode