My Shohin Trident

This is another tree that I have had for less than a year. A shohin trident maple. It has quite a way to go before it will have the ramification I am looking for but it looks quite presentable in leaf.

This is the tree at the moment (April 2014)


This next picture is a Photoshop virtual of how I hope the apex will look in the next year or so. The pot is by Walsall Ceramics.

trident 2


Broom Style Kiyohime Shohin

This is my broom style Kiyohime maple in  a Walsall Ceramics pot. I have had this tree for 1 year now and I’m quite pleased with its progress.


Wiring this tree can be problematic as the branches have a tendency to snap at the intersection with the trunk

The second image shows the tree just after I acquired it in April 2013


My Acer Shishishigira

I have taken many pictures of this tree since I acquired it in the spring of 2012 but the first one up is by far my favourite. it was taken in my garden soon after I bought it,using a 400mm telephoto lens to blur out the background. It is 25 cm high and planted in a Walsall Ceramics pot.

shishishigira 3

The growing habit of this sub species is quite different to that of other maples.

1. Extension growth and back budding is less prolific and less predictable than other maples.

2. As the new shoots extend in spring, they are extremely delicate and can easily be knocked off if brushed against.( I have cats that wander about the greenhouse at will leaving a trail of quiet chaos in their wake.)

3. Branches are extremely brittle and snap under the slightest pressure so wiring is not a very viable option. A good fertilising regime and “cut and grow” would seem to be the best option for development with regular partial defoliation to let light into the interior.

Having said this they are wonderful trees. The lime green foliage in the spring sunshine is a joy to behold and the autumn colour is pretty special too.

Here it is in April 2014

shish 2

Summer Routine Part 1

This is the part of the bonsai year that I enjoy the most. This for me, is the true joy of bonsai. The days are getting longer and the nights are getting warmer and the trees are responding. Now after the long months of winter I can sit out in the greenhouse and give each one individual attention. Those that are well on their way like this broom style kiyohime maple are given a light trim to allow the light and air into the latent inner buds. I will return to this theme at a later time as I begin some other tasks in my summer routine. Happy Days.



Sunshine and Maples

The unseasonal fine weather that we have been enjoying in Scotland over the past week has meant that the maples on my benches have leafed out a little earlier than usual and are looking particularly nice at the moment. In future posts I will be looking at each tree individually as I strive to develop the ramification.


The chojubai are looking pretty good too