Re-potting a Yamadori Hawthorn


Today was the warmest day this year: in fact it was the first day this year that the automatic vents in my greenhouse have opened, Spring is not far away.


I acquired this yamadori hawthorn from a friend in August last year. It has interesting movement and old bark in the lower trunk and I have been keen to get it out of the organic soil mix it has been growing in and into a mix with better drainage. This is how it looked when I acquired it.



This is how it looked this morning without the leaves. Most of the branches are too thick to be of use in the future design.


The next picture shows the new front after re-potting and the removal of many unnecessary branches. I am very happy with this purchase and look forward to see how it develops in the future.



Winter is Almost Over

Its certainly been one of the coldest winters I have experienced since I stated out in this hobby but thankfully its almost at an end. For the past few days we’ve had some warmth in the sun during the day although its still below freezing at night. This has meant that I have been able to spend a couple of full days working on my trees; this is the first time I’ve been able to do this for almost 4 months.

This is how the garden looked this morning in glorious sunshine.


I used the time to wire my larches and prepare them for the new season. The first one has grown very well in the 2 years that have passed since it was first styled. This is how it looks at the moment.


This is how it looked after the first styling in 2016.


The next 2 were given their first styling today. The first one has a contorted trunk. I wired the trunk last year and its now holding its shape without wire. This is how it looked before todays work.


and this is how it looks at the moment. It will be re-potted in a week or twos time.


I have never been entirely happy with this next tree and felt that I had to take dramatic action to improve this one. This is how it looked before todays work.


I decided to jin the top of the tree and continue its development using only the lowest branch.


Here’s a few more that have had my attention in the past few days