Cotoneasters. Great at any time of year !

I love cotoneasters as a subject for bonsai. They thrive in our terrible weather and provide 2 great shows in the year with masses of white flowers in early summer followed by gorgeous red berries in autumn and winter.

Here are a few on my benches today


This picture was taken earlier this year




Studio photos from Bonsai Europa 2015

Great quality pictures from Bonsai Europa

Bonsai & Yamadori from Tony Tickle

As there have been so many photos posted online of the trees in the exhibition many will have seen these trees, BUT studio photography is better, these show the trees in the best way possible. I would consider publishing a book but it would only be high quality and would need a large print run to make this viable… its possible if there is enough interest. Please share this post, do not download the images but link to this blog post. I reserve the moral right to these images. If you wish to have any images for publication, please contact me via the contact form or if you are the owner of any of the trees and I will send you a copy for your blog etc.

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Pyracantha Angustifolia in Development

This is a shohin sized Pyracantha, which was imported from Japan at the start of this year. I am a big fan of this variety, which can produce a magnificent show of bright orange berries in the autumn. It was the taper and movement in the trunk that initially attracted me to this particular specimen, even though it wasn’t in the best of condition when it arrived in this country. The tree had clearly been neglected for some time prior to being exported to the UK and was badly in need of a re-pot. It was offered to me at a bargain price so it was worth taking a chance on it.

The first picture shows the tree after it was re-potted in the spring. At first, it pushed out new leaves, which turned yellow and died almost immediately. This continued for about 2 months before it began to stabilise. It has produced a few flowers this year but not a single berry.


The second picture shows how it looks at the moment. I’m pleased to say it looks a lot healthier now than it did at the start of the season. I have allowed the tree to grow unchecked to regain vigour and look forward to next season when the refining work can begin.


Collected Potentilla Fruticosa

I collected this potentilla fruticosa from a friends garden last year. I was attracted by the movement and character in the old trunk. I think it has the potential to make a nice semi cascade bonsai in the coming years. Earlier today, I did a little carving on the chopped ends of the old branches. This is how it looks at the moment.



Lanarkshire Bonsai Club at Barnsley Show

Here is an early preview of the Lanarkshire Bonsai Club’s display at this years Bonsai Traders Association Show in Barnsley, which is being held today between 10.00 am and 04.00 pm.I think it looks great.Unfortunately I am unable to attend the event this year.  The contributors to this years display are Jim McMaster, Fiona Wallace, Maurice Maidment and Robert Porch. Photo credit to Fiona Wallace.


More from Bonsai Europa

Here are some of the better images I managed to capture at Bonsai Europa

My 2 favourite trees at the show. A large Itoigawa Juniper and a Beech Raft



Club member Jim McMaster’s Mountain Maple


Club Member Dougie Smith’s White Pine


Here’s a gallery of other displays at the show ( Click on any image to view a larger image in gallery mode)

Back from Bonsai Europa


Back home now after a great weekend at the first Bonsai Europa. What a great show it was. Thanks must be given to Tony Tickle and the terrific team that supported him for pulling it off. This was the biggest and best show that I have seen in the UK in the time that I have been involved in the hobby

For myself, and the other members of the Lanarkshire Bonsai Club, It was a privilege and a joy to be selected to show our trees in such an esteemed assembly. Here are a few pictures of our club display. As often is the case, photography with a hand held camera was challenging due to the lighting in the hall.






Jim McMaster’s white pine and trident maple



My trident which managed to hold onto its leaves for the entire weekend



Maurice Maidment’s cotoneaster


All Ready for Bonsai Europa

As I set off on the journey south to Bury, here’s a preview of the trees I will be contributing to the Lanarkshire Bonsai  Club display at Bonsai Europa this weekend.

Juniper over rock in a Chinese pot


Dwarf Hinoki in a pot by Hokido


Trident maple in autumn colour ( I just hope the leaves don’t drop off)


Cotoneaster in a red pot by Eimei


Zelkova in a pot by Ikkou