Scottish Bonsai Association Annual Show 2014

The Scottish Bonsai Association held its annual show on the 18 of May 2014 in the  town of Troon on the west coast of Scotland. Nine clubs were represented including the Lanarkshire Bonsai Club of which I am a member. This show gets bigger and the quality of the trees gets better with every passing  year. Bonsai events in Scotland have developed from local flower shows where entrants lay their  offering on a table for a judge to select a first second and third in each class. This has influenced and to a degree limited the method of display adopted for bonsai. It is generally recognised that improvement is required to present Scottish bonsai on the world stage. The clubs are working hard to implement this change but we still have some way to go. The shohin competition at this event is a case in point. The space allocated to it was too small for the number of entries, which meant that the trees could not be displayed or viewed to their best effect. Given  the ever increasing popularity of shohin in Scotland, as elsewhere, I am hopeful that we can do much better in the future.

I am sure everyone involved would like to thank Rob Atkinson from Aka Matsu School of Bonsai for judging and for the traders Wattston Bonsai, Ian Bailie Pots and Catrine Pottery for their support of the event

Now for the photographs from the day (apologies for the poor quality of some of the images)


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