Deciduous Shohin in Late Winter

Now that the winter maintenance on my larches has been completed for another year it’s time to start work on my deciduous trees. Here is a group picture of some of the better ones I will be working on this week, weather permitting of course.


The daytime temperatures in my greenhouse are beginning to rise and the buds are starting to swell but with night time temperatures likely to fall below zero, extra vigilance is required to ensure that no damage is done. This is the riskiest time of year for small trees in small pots.


6 thoughts on “Deciduous Shohin in Late Winter

    • It’s a slow process Michael. At the start it’s more about keeping them healthy than having them look good. After a while I started to look for artistic potential in each tree individually. If it wasn’t right I would change it. I’m still doing that, it doesnt always work and I occasionally kill a few.A lot of people I know are happy to feed water and prune them each year without trying to improve them. That doesn’t work for me. You are an artist, And I’m sure you understand this. You just need to treat your trees like an artistic composition.

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