Clutched from the Edge of the Abyss

The recent history of this shohin white pine includes a remarkable survival story. Acquired in the spring of 2012 it was planted into the pot you see in the first picture in May of the same year. The weather in 2012 was unseasonally cold until the end of May.

On the 31st of May my wife and I decided to take a short 4 day break in London. At precisely this moment, the weather changed for the better, in fact the temperatures over the next four days were record breaking throughout the UK. My son was in charge of the watering over this period and while he did a reasonable job in the circumstances, this tree was missed.

This is how it looked on our return. ( This picture was taken a few weeks after the event)


All the needles had dried up and fell off and the new candles were a very sickly brown colour. I was gutted. In what seemed like a futile attempt to revive it, I wrapped the rootball in sphagnum moss and replanted it in this larger pot. I kept it in the shade and misted regularly and remarkably it began to respond


The recovery process took the best part of 18 months to take effect. By the spring of 2014 (picture 4)the tree was again looking healthy and I decided it was time to take it out of the larger pot

white pine1

The final picture was taken today (June 2014) and shows the tree in its new pot with all the new needles about to open.



5 thoughts on “Clutched from the Edge of the Abyss

    • Hi Shah
      I wrapped the whole rootball all round with sphagnum and sat it on a bed of akadama in the big pot. I packed out the sides with more akadama and then covered the top of the pot with more sphagnum

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