Some New Pot Options for an Airlayered Hawthorn

I have a small hawthorn, which was airlayered from the old roots 2 seasons ago. It has been in a training pot since it was separated and is now ready to be planted into its’ first ceramic shohin pot.

This is the tree,


And here are the pots I am considering at the moment. The first is by Eimei at the Yozan kiln. It has an unusual greenish glaze colour that could work well with a hawthorn.


the next one is a painted pot by Mizuno Shikao at the Tosui kiln. Both pots are about 7 inches (17cm) wide and will be suitable for further root development.


The tree will be transplanted in a few weeks time, when the weather warms up. I may even have a few more options after my trip to the Noelander’s Trophy next weekend

A New Pot From Japan

This is a new Japanese shohin pot that I acquired recently. It’s an oribe glazed oval, 6 1/2 inches wide by Eimei at the Yozan Kiln. I am becoming a big fan of this potter’s work. The quality and style of his colourfully glazed pots are truly amazing.


The stamps on the base are for Yozan Kiln, Eimei and Yorozu en (they commissioned the pot)