Lanarkshire Bonsai Club Meeting 03/04/2016

It was a busy day yesterday at Wattston Bonsai for the April meeting of the Lanarkshire Bonsai Club. The weather was kind, which meant that a good number of members attended to catch up on the news, work on their trees and stock up on supplies for the new season. Here are some pictures from the day.

Maurice, the club’s representative at the Scottish Bonsai Association, getting ready for an announcement.


Totally focussed on their trees


Dougie advising Gavin on the styling of a Juniper with Murray looking on.


Stuart decided to work his hinoki outside in the afternoon sun


A few of the members trees

Stuart’s prunus kojo no mai in full bloom


Ian’s chuhin scots pine


A few new arrivals on the Dougie’s sales benches.

shohin white pine


Large cone shaped yama momiji with great future potential


Lovely large itoigawa juniper with amazing character


Nice multi trunked maple


Some of My Evergreen Shohin Trees

Here is a recent picture of some of my evergreen shohin trees. Now that the days are getting longer and a little warmer it wont be long before they awake from their winter rest. Remarkably, the cotoneaster  at the top right hasn’t lost a single leave or berry this winter.


Lanarkshire Bonsai Club Meeting 07/02/2016

Our second club meeting of the year was held yesterday at Wattston Bonsai. The weather was foul outside so our numbers were fewer this month. There was a lot of seasonal chat and some even managed to get some work done on their trees.

Dougie and Gerry in conversation with a new member whose name I haven’t got to grips with yet.


Some trees are beginning to emerge from the pollytunnels and finding their way to the outside bench


This corner was full of people until I pulled my camera out of the bag


This is Gerry’s latest acquisition, a nice chuhin white pine


Club member Gordon’s pyracantha


Here are 2 that Dougie was prepping for the webshop. A shohin white pine and a seka hinoki.



A new tree for our new member, white pine, pinus parviflora.


Ayr Winter Image Show 2016 Pictures



I drove through blizzards and flood water yesterday to attend the third Ayr Bonsai Club Winter Image Show in the historic village of Alloway on the Ayrshire coast. The numbers of people attending this year were slightly down on previous years due to the weather but those who braved the elements and made the effort to get there were not disappointed. This show grows from strength to strength with each passing season and the quality of the trees and the way they are displayed just gets better. This year, the organisers set up an area to photograph the trees in an adjacent room, which has made a terrific difference to the picture quality.

I think my favourite tree on the day was this larch over rock created by Ian McMaster and planted on a natural stone that was collected from a beach not very far from the show venue.


There just wasn’t enough time to photograph every tree at the show so here is a gallery of those that made the biggest impact on me.

To see a larger image in gallery mode, click on any image


Back from Bonsai Europa


Back home now after a great weekend at the first Bonsai Europa. What a great show it was. Thanks must be given to Tony Tickle and the terrific team that supported him for pulling it off. This was the biggest and best show that I have seen in the UK in the time that I have been involved in the hobby

For myself, and the other members of the Lanarkshire Bonsai Club, It was a privilege and a joy to be selected to show our trees in such an esteemed assembly. Here are a few pictures of our club display. As often is the case, photography with a hand held camera was challenging due to the lighting in the hall.






Jim McMaster’s white pine and trident maple



My trident which managed to hold onto its leaves for the entire weekend



Maurice Maidment’s cotoneaster


Some More Shohin for The Record

Following on from last weeks’ post, here are a few more recent pictures of some of my shohin trees. These are the shots that I use to measure progress over time.

I’m particularly pleased with this cotoneaster, it’s shaping up nicely and has good potential for the future


This is how it looked in March last year


The next 2 are relatively recent acquisitions, which haven’t changed much in the period I have had them.

Japanese black pine in a bigei pot. I purchased this tree at the end of last season and re=potted it this year


Japanese white pine. This tree was imported from Japan earlier this year and will be re-potted next season


Some Shohin Progressions

As the growing season comes to an end, I like to photograph all of my trees  to compare their progress to how they looked when I first acquired them. Here’s a few that have been getting my attention today.

Cotoneaster September 2015


Cotoneaster May 2012


Pinus Parviflora September 2015


Pinus Parviflora May 2012


Pinus Parviflora 2015


Pinus Parviflora 2011

Japanese White Pine Before (2011)

Chojubai Quince September 2015


Chojubai Quince April 2014

chojubai 2

2 Shohin White Pines

Here are 2 shohin white pines (pinus parviflora) that are looking good at the moment.

The first one, which I have had for a few years has nice movement to the right. That makes it useful in a shohin display on about 50% of the occasions I may wish to use it.


To get greater flexibility in my choice of trees for a display, I needed another white pine with movement to the left. A solution came with my latest purchase, which can be seen in the next picture


Next year, when it is re-potted, it will be turned slightly to the new front shown in the next picture.


Re-Potting Some Shohin Pines

Although the weather, so far this year in my part of the world, has been less than ideal for working on my trees, there is still a lot of re-potting to be done. This week I have started work on my pines.


The first to be tackled is this small Japanese Black Pine, which was imported from Japan last year. It’s a lovely little tree and it is growing very well at the moment but I would like to put it into a slightly larger pot to ensure that this vigour continues. The left hand side of the tree needs to fill out a little more to complete the image and the new pot should help to achieve this in the shortest possible time


Here it is in it’s new pot by Bigei


This white pine needs a new planting angle. It was styled last year and put into this Yamaaki semi-cascade pot. I have noticed since then that although it continues to grow the needles are a little more yellow than they were last year. When I removed it from the pot, I saw that there was no micorrhizal fungus in the soil, which might explain why it’s looking slightly off colour.

Japanese White Pine After (2014)

I have changed the planting angle and re-potted it into this slightly larger Bigei pot, having first given the roots a good dusting with micorrhizal fungus, Hopefully this should improve the foliage colour.


Sun, Small Trees and Good Company

Yesterday, I travelled northward to meet up with my good friend Gerry for our customary mid week get together to discuss and work on our trees. I really look forward to these days, it’s a real pleasure to meet up with friends and be able to share in joy of bonsai with others, who enjoy it as much as I do.


Gerry preparing his Fuji cherry in readiness for a re-pot


Gerry’s first attempt at air layering a horse chestnut has been very successful.


Transplanted into a pond basket to develop the roots further


This juniper rigida, which I initially styled last year, which appears on my new before and after page, needed a more appropriate pot and a slight change of angle.


This is how it’s looking at the moment in a new zenigo pot


This small white pine was chopped back and re-potted


Her it is after the work in a new yamaaki cascade pot


As always, the time passed all too quickly, but we do have next week to look forward to. Lets hope the weather stays fine.