Some Shohin Trees in Spring

Here are some recent pictures of the new spring growth in some of my shohin bonsai

2 hawthorns that were re-potted  a few weeks ago


This one was re-potted last year.


My shishigashira maple, always a joy at this time of year


This chojubai was severely root pruned in the 2 previous years yet it has started to flower earlier than ever this year


My buxus sempervirens grown from a cutting taken 14 years ago


Shohin larch in training for 2 years


And finally, a sneak peak at my improvised set up for taking these pictures in natural daylight between heavy showers.



2 Shohin Winter Images

Here are 2 trees that I worked on today. The first is a cotoneaster microphyllus which produced a fantastic crop of berries this year. The old leaves and the remaining berries were removed as well as all the wire that was applied last year. The secondary branches were pruned and its now ready for the new season. This is the first time it has been free of wire since I started training this tree


The second tree is my shishigashira maple. This tree is very slow growing in our climate and never needs more than a light pruning to prepare it for the new season. The branches are very brittle so I never apply wire to this tree, it’s always clip and grow.


Here are the 2 trees at their peak in the last year