Shohin Deshojo Maple in Spring

I love the new Spring growth on Deshojo Maples. This little shohin that I’ve been working on for 4 years is looking particularly nice at the moment


When I re-pot it next year, I may change the front slightly to highlight the widest part of the nebari


This is how it looked when I acquired it 4 years ago.



Re-potting Continues

As the days get longer and a little warmer, the buds continue to swell and the window of opportunity for the re-potting of deciduous trees is coming to an end. I still have quite a few to do and they will all have to be completed before the weekend


Here are 2 that I did this morning. The first is a shohin cotoneaster microphyla. I have been developing this tree from garden centre stock for about 5 years now and its really beginning to look good. The last of the thicker roots were removed today and it has been re-planted in its yellow Shibakatsu pot with a slight change of front.


This is a reminder how it looked when I acquired it


I also re-potted my latest acquisition, this shohin trident maple. It’s now housed in a nice old blue glazed rectangle by the second generation Tosui potter, Mizuno Masao