Scottish Bonsai Show 2016 Pictures

Yesterday I travelled north to the city of Stirling for the Scottish Bonsai Associations annual show. This is the yearly gathering for all the affiliated bonsai clubs in Scotland. This show changes it’s venue every 2 years to ensure that as many people as possible get an opportunity to see good bonsai without travelling great distances. I set off at 06.00 am (which is the middle of the night for me these days), arriving at the venue just before 08.00′ to set up our club display stand. It was a terrific day with all the nations’ clubs and bonsai traders represented to ensure the events’ success.

I am delighted to say that our club did rather well in the competitive part of the event, taking 6 out of the 7 awards that were given.



Here is a gallery of detailed pictures of our club shohin displays  (The Lanarkshire Bonsai Club). Click on any image to see a larger image in gallery mode.

Here are detailed pictures of our larger trees

Here are my favourite images from the other displays












Final Preparations for the National Show

It’s been a busy week collecting moss and carrying out the final preparation of my trees for the Scottish National Bonsai Show tomorrow. Fortunately the weather has been kind and we are enjoying sunshine and warm temperatures at the moment.


Here are some pictures I took this morning of the trees and accents I will be taking with me.

Chuhin Japanese Larch


Shohin trident maple in a pot by Eimei


Shohin Deshojo maple in a yellow Shibakatsu pot


Cotoneaster in a pot by Eimei


Zelkova Serrata in a pot by Ikkou Watanabe


Hinoki Cyprus in a pot by Hokido


2 Pinus Parviflora in Bigei pots


Sedum Spathufolium Capa Blanca in a pot by Junsun Yamamoto


Saxifrage in a Suteki accent pot by Simon Haddon


Scottish National Bonsai Show 2015

Yesterday I attended the annual get together of the Scottish bonsai community at the Walker Hall, in the seaside town of Troon in the west coast of Scotland. It was an excellent day made even better by the attendance of  a group of bonsai friends from Northern Ireland and the North of England. I am very pleased to tell you all that our club, the Lanarkshire Bonsai Club were awarded first place in the inter club event for the third year in a row. One of the trees in our display was also awarded best in show; a juniper owned by Maurice Maidment.

The event was organised by Ayr Bonsai Club ,who did a terrific job, with support from the Scottish Bonsai Association and the classes were judged by Robert Atkinson, a highly respected bonsai artist from the North Of England.

As often is the case, the lighting in the hall was less than ideal, so apologies in advance for the quality of some of the images

The event was opened by the Japanese Consul for Scotland and the first picture shows the opening ceremony


Here’s a few of my favourite images from the event.

Lanarkshire Bonsai Club Display



This is Maurice’s winning juniper.


Here is a gallery of my best detail shots from our winning display (click on any image to see a larger one)

Ayr Bonsai Club always put on an excellent display


A gallery of detail pictures from their display (Click on any image to see a larger image).

A Gallery of trees from the shohin category (Click on any image to view a larger version).

A Gallery of nice accents and Kusamono (click on an image to view a larger one)

A Gallery of my favourite images from the other displays (click on any image to view a larger version)

And to finish a couple of pics of some of the trade stands

Ian Baillie Pots