A New Display Table for my Blauws Juniper

I acquired a Japanese display table yesterday which will work well with my Blauws Juniper. This tree, which I have been working on for about 4 years is nearing completion and I am now thinking about getting it ready for its first show sometime in the next year.


Its come a long way in the time I have had it. If you would like to see detailed posts on its progression click the following links. Part 1, Part 2  Part 3 and the re-pot.


A New Year Begins



As I sit here at my laptop, reflecting on what was for us here in Scotland, one of the most challenging growing seasons in my experience. A season, which began with a bitterly cold Spring, followed by a Summer with very little sunshine; saved only by some good weather in the autumn, I thought I would share again some of the photographs which are my personal favourites and mark the highlights in my bonsai year.

Without a doubt my favourite tree this year is my Lions Head Maple which just goes from strength to strength with each passing season. It looked particularly good in Autumn this year.


This cotoneaster has been another favourite of mine, more so because it was collected from my garden for free. It was planted in this red glazed pot by Eimei in the Summer to show off the berries and had its first outing to Bonsai Europa in October.


This hobby is as much about the people you do it with as it is about the trees and my life would be a lot duller without my good friend Gerry and the members of The Lanarkshire Bonsai Club who feature regularly on these pages.



The next photograph was taken in late May and it was the first occasion that all my trees were outside at the same time.


My highlight of the Summer was our winning club display at the Scottish Bonsai Show. It’s always a joy to see trees that you have cared for displayed at their best.


My 2 favourite junipers were both re-potted this year.

The first is a Blauws Juniper, which is almost complete. It will need a fine wiring and a good display table this year

Blauws Juniper After (2015)

The second is an Itoigawa Juniper. It is coming along well but the foliage needs more refinement and it will have to be re-planted into a slightly smaller show pot.


A few more that are beginning to come into their own, that may venture out to the show bench this year.





Japanese Larch


Cork Barked Elm


Finally, I would like to thank all of the people who take the time to look and comment on my posts, It’s you guys that make the effort worthwhile.


3 Recently Re-Potted Trees

Here are some studio pictures of 3 trees which have been re-potted in the past month, which are all showing good strong signs that they have been  unaffected by the root disturbance .

My new Ilex Serrata is just coming into flower.


My root over rock juniper, still pushing out new extension shoots


Blauws Juniper also pushing out new growth.


Blauws Juniper Re-pot

Our weather is now warm enough to attempt the  re-potting of junipers. The first up is my large Blauws Juniper, which I have been developing since 2011. The development of this tree can be viewed in my earlier posts here Part 1 and here Part 2.

The first picture shows the tree in its training pot just after it was wired last year.

Blauws Juniper After (2014)

I have decided it will fit in this nice Japanese oval that I acquired from my good friend Robert Porch last year.


Another step closer to where I would like it to be


It will probably need another season or 2 for the foliage to fill out the way I would like it but at the moment I am very pleased with its progress.


I like this viewing angle as it shows the movement of the trunk and the deadwood to best effect.


This is a reminder of how it looked in 2011.

Blauws Juniper Before (2011)

Blauws Juniper Before (2011)