2 thoughts on “pic3

  1. I like your before and after images and seeing your Larch makes me want to take up the courage and do something with the Few Larch trees I have and Larch Forest Which I love but due to moving house, health reasons, neglect on my part which I am ashamed to say the forest is a disaster as it contains a few DEAD trees and I full myself by saying a Real Forest has Dead trees in the woods So after seeing your images Robert its time to get the finger out and doing something about the Larch Group and other Larches Many thanks for showing Sorry I did not find your Blog Earlier when I started buying bonsai Trees and I may have realised I could be throwing money away as I bought anything that members and other people were getting rid off as like many newbies I was taken in at buying cheap trees to build up a collection of Bonsai Tree quickly Keep up your Fantastic work and Blog reports
    take care

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