Some Shohin Maples in Winter Image

Here are a few recent pictures of some of my shohin maples in winter image. The first one is a trident maple in a Japanese pot by Eimei


Number 2 is an Acer Palmatum Deshojo in a yellow pot by Shibakatsu


The third is an Acer Shishigashira in a pot by Walsall Ceramics. The buds on this one are starting to swell, so it will soon be time to re-pot it.




3 thoughts on “Some Shohin Maples in Winter Image

  1. Love your Shishigashira Robert. Do you have some protected area in which to keep your maples? Even down here a couple of miles from the South Devon coast, I have to keep an eye on the wind as it is so destructive for maples (the Tridents are more hardy). We are not high up but a bit open to west winds.

    • Sorry about the delay in responding to your question. I keep all of my maples in the greenhouse until the leaves have hardened off. Up here, cold winds and hard frosts are a big problem with tender species.All maples that I have tried to grow in the ground have died

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