Acer Palmatum Projects 2016 Update

With the 2016 season at an end, its time for me to assess the progress I have made this year with 2 acer palmatum bonsai trees that I am developing; one from seed and the other from shop bought material.

The first one, which was started from seed in 2001 has spent all of its’ life in a pot. I started to train it as a bonsai in 2013. The nebari has a 5 inch (12.5 cm) diameter and the base of the trunk is 3 inches (7.5 cm) wide. This is a very slow process and its only through photography that you can appreciate the progress.

This is how it looked in 2004m2



November 2016


Today November 2016 after the removal of the sacrifice branches. I will select the shoots I want to keep and wire the new growth in the Spring.


The second one was bought from a local supermarket in 2012. This is how it looked in the spring of 2013.




November 2016 before removal of the sacrifice branch


November 2016 after removal of the sacrifice branch. Still a long way to go but this one is beginning to look like a tree.





2 thoughts on “Acer Palmatum Projects 2016 Update

  1. Thank you Robert,really good progressive.At least I have some hope now for my supermarket Acers that are in pots around the garden, that one day if I live that long they may transmogrify from sticks in pots into decent bonsais.

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