Re-Working a Pinus Parviflora

Gerry brought his chuhin white pine to my garden this week to get some advice on how to take it forward.


This is how it looked before the current work


I felt that the apex was sitting a little too far to the right and the outline of the tree could be improved by moving it more to the left and above the main trunk line..

Here is an overhead view of the tree, which shows the existing position of the apical branch. The yellow arrow indicates the apex curving round to the right and the red arrow indicates where it needs to go.


The next picture taken from the left shows how thick the apical branch is with its future position in the foreground.


We decided to wrap the apex with raffia before bending


And this is how it looks at the moment. Better I think




5 thoughts on “Re-Working a Pinus Parviflora

  1. Hi Robert, I am recommending your site to our club members in South Devon B.S. I am amazed at the way you have not only improved your experience, but the quality of your trees in a relatively short time. I guess a lot of it is down to your own determination but also the benefits of attending workshops, even though you are ‘out in the sticks’. This is something we also suffer from down here—being miles away from professional tutors which makes it an expensive outlay for club or individual. Much can be gained from online sites like yours and your regular updating of the site is so important and much welcomed, as is your very professional attitude, reporting etc. Thanks again.

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