Juniper Squamata in Development

Today, I had a look at a piece of raw material that was collected from my garden 2 years ago. It is a procumbent needle foliage juniper, commonly found in gardens, that given time, makes a really nice bonsai.

This is how it looked when it was removed from the ground 2 years ago.


And this is how it looked one year on from the previous picture. They are relatively slow growing trees and in its first year of pot culture it didn’t put on much new growth. I decided at this point to leave it for another year.


After another year in the large pot it is looking a lot stronger, so I can do some more work on it now.


Today I took it out of the plastic pot, removed the remaining old garden soil and re-potted it in a good free draining soil mix, in this round drum pot. It will stay in this pot for the foreseeable future while its’ development continues.


Here is another of the same variety that was started about 12 years ago.


my juniper


3 thoughts on “Juniper Squamata in Development

  1. Thanks for showing this Robert, I keep looking at one in the garden which has put on so much growth in five years and wondering if my Sue would notice if I whipped it out and left a three foot gap,probably. I have cuttings under way but needed to know if these ground huggers would be worthwhile, you have certainly shown me that.

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