Some Seasonal Colour

Here are some pictures of small trees in development that have come into flower this week. The first is a satsuki azalea, which was started from a ground layer in 2012. The first picture, taken last year, shows the tree in flower, planted in a shallow training pot.


My plan for this tree is to train it as an exposed root bonsai. To help this process along, it was planted in a deep cascade pot, to train the roots downward. It will stay in this pot for a few years until the roots fill the container. At that point the soil will gradually be removed to expose the roots. Very colourful at the moment.


The second is a cotoneaster that I acquired from a local garden centre, some years ago, for a few pounds . It’s very slow growing and it’s always the first of my cotoneaster to flower. Until this year, I have always removed the flower buds as soon as they appear to try and stimulate growth in the branches; but it doesn’t seem to make much difference. So this year I’m letting it do its own thing.


This was how it looked in 2012


Cotoneaster Before (2012)


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