Homemade Rock for a Bonsai Landscape (Update 2016)

I have made a little more progress with the bonsai landscape that I started last year. The earlier posts which detail the construction method of the rock can be found here Part 1 and here Part 2.

This is how it looked at the end of the initial work, last year. When the stone was dry, it was a light grey colour all over and lacked the tonal contrast you might get on an old stone. I decided to apply some mid and darker tones using artists’ earth colour pigments.


This is how it looked when the colour was applied. The homemade “keto” mix described in Part 2 has proved to be very successful, as it has brought the 2 trees planted last year through the winter very well


This is how it looks at the moment with a few more trees, some moss and a newly acquired display pot.


I still need a few more trees to complete the planting and it will take several more years for the trees  to fill out and present a more natural appearance, but I’m pleased with the progress so far and look forward to starting a few more in the summer.

4 thoughts on “Homemade Rock for a Bonsai Landscape (Update 2016)

  1. Dear Robert,
    I read all your blog posts with interest and respect too. Wonderful trees, but I’ve just realised that the pictures are magnificent. It means your photographic skills, perspective… I like a blue background very much. Could you please make a blog post and share how do you achieve such a beautiful pictures? Thank you. Peter

  2. Very nice landscape, work well done. I like the colour of the landscape.
    This is my wordpress blog if you like to browse through it

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