Midweek Getogether with Gerry

My good friend Gerry paid me a visit today to catch up on the local bonsai news and to see how my trees have been progressing in the early spring sunshine. Gerry and I live about 75 miles apart and the climate in both our backyards is quite different. I have had a little more sun recently so my trees are slightly ahead of his.


Here are a few trees that had our attention today.

One of my shohin hawthorns. This tree was re-potted last year so it only required some weeding, moss removal and refreshment of the top layer of soil.


This kiyohime maple was also re-potted last year so only required a clean up today.


Gerry brought along a small trident over rock and a seka hinoki for discussion. The trident has some nice ramification already but the new growth in the lower right branch needs to be developed outward to accentuate the movement in that direction. I think he’s also planning to re-pot it next week.


This little hinoki definitely needs a change in planting angle this year.


This is one possibility that we considered. It might also benefit from a slightly deeper pot.


Gerry also brought me news that Wattston Bonsai will be receiving their new stock from Japan on Friday. I will certainly have to make a trip up there this weekend.


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