2 Shohin Winter Images

Here are 2 trees that I worked on today. The first is a cotoneaster microphyllus which produced a fantastic crop of berries this year. The old leaves and the remaining berries were removed as well as all the wire that was applied last year. The secondary branches were pruned and its now ready for the new season. This is the first time it has been free of wire since I started training this tree


The second tree is my shishigashira maple. This tree is very slow growing in our climate and never needs more than a light pruning to prepare it for the new season. The branches are very brittle so I never apply wire to this tree, it’s always clip and grow.


Here are the 2 trees at their peak in the last year





4 thoughts on “2 Shohin Winter Images

  1. Lovely trees Robert. The maple looks very natural, some issue on cotoneaster but I’m sure that you will sort them. Cotoneaster looks better in summer image rather then winter one ( it remind me some sort of larch winter image, that’s my filling )

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