Callicarpa Japonica Winter Update

I have had this impressive old Callicarpa for 2 years now. I acquired it because I really love the berry colour on this species. When you look through the Japanese books that cover this species, you see some amazing examples, which are just covered in tightly packed fruits. So far, the 2 crops that I have had on my tree have been underwhelming to say the least. It was heavily root pruned at the beginning of last year and that along with the cold Spring and Summer we experienced may explain the low numbers of flowers and fruits. However few they are, they are still a welcome sight at this time of year. I plan to prune and wire this tree in the next few weeks to prepare it for the coming season and I’m still looking for the right pot to complement and complete the image



2 thoughts on “Callicarpa Japonica Winter Update

  1. Robert if you can order Dyna Gro products there on Amazon look at their Bloom Booster. It is formulated for fruiting cycles. Their Foliage Pro is formulated for more top growth vitality including all the minor elements. I really like them and so do the plants and trees. But I bet the bloom booster would help the tree build up a much better fruiting cycle. I use their products on my J. Maples and it;s really amazing how well they’ve done since I changed, If it helps will
    let me know 🙂

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