2 Shohin Hawthorns. 3 Years Progression

Both of these trees started life in a pot a little larger than they are now. When I first got interested in shohin in early 2012 I decided that I would start by chopping back a few trees that I had dug from my garden a few years earlier.

This is how the first one looked in January 2012. I never really liked the bleached deadwood on this specimen and the lower trunk was very straight and lacked taper.


In March 2012 it was cut back close to the base. New buds began to sprout out almost immediately.


This is how it looks at the moment after 3 seasons development. It’s due a re-pot next year and the carving round the chopped area could be refined a little more.


Until 2011, the next tree was growing in a deeper pot than the one shown in the following picture. It’s massive roots were completely hidden until I re-potted it in the spring of that year. In 2012, I chopped the trunk off altogether and decided to continue the trees’ development using only the roots.


This is how it looks after 3 seasons. Still needs a lot more ramification but I am pleased with the image that is emerging.



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