Acer Shishishigira in Autumn

My kifu Lions Head Maple, which has shone on the benches all season is now ablaze in autumn glory



10 thoughts on “Acer Shishishigira in Autumn

      • They are no more difficult Han any other acer except that small branches are very brittle and break off very easily. Better not to use wire on them and treat them as clip and grow

      • Thank you for replying,
        I believe it is a very slow growing tree so how do you optimize the development process? Does it heal wounds well? Is pruning different than regular Japanese maple? Is it apex or base dominant? Do they tend to die back? Do you protect it in winter from rain or frost? particularly shohin.

      • They respond very well to feeding with high nitrogen fertiliser. Growth is pretty even in all areas. They can have a tendency to die back if the tree is weak or neglected for any length of time. Partial defoliation in late spring and early summer let’s light into the interior and promotes back budding. They do need protection from the frost.

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