Back from Bonsai Europa


Back home now after a great weekend at the first Bonsai Europa. What a great show it was. Thanks must be given to Tony Tickle and the terrific team that supported him for pulling it off. This was the biggest and best show that I have seen in the UK in the time that I have been involved in the hobby

For myself, and the other members of the Lanarkshire Bonsai Club, It was a privilege and a joy to be selected to show our trees in such an esteemed assembly. Here are a few pictures of our club display. As often is the case, photography with a hand held camera was challenging due to the lighting in the hall.






Jim McMaster’s white pine and trident maple



My trident which managed to hold onto its leaves for the entire weekend



Maurice Maidment’s cotoneaster



7 thoughts on “Back from Bonsai Europa

  1. Hi Robert
    A thousand Apologies for not getting back to you before now I honestly thought I had wrote Guess being over 25 does has its Disadvantages Seem I missed out on a great show Hope I am still around in Two years time.
    Sorry to say for once I put the Family First as both our Grand-daughter’s (4 and 8 years old)were in their First Dancing Competition. TheBoss Anne (wife) told them a while back we would go down to Chatteris in Cambridgeshire and watch them both Hence me not being able to go to Bury. If all goes well and TT arranges the next one in 2017 and at the same time my LEAVE PASS will be in well before.
    Once again so sorry for the delay and a Thousand thanks for your images of the show Look forward to your updates on the here

    take care and keep sharing your great work


      • Hi Robert

        Many thanks for getting back so soon Sorry to say there is NO WAY I would not have sought you out to say Hiya plus a Large Thanks for sharing your Bonsai Knowledge on Word press and YES definitely I will be there next time. Funny enough I have a WordPress account but so far I have not got round to using it. Would you advise using it and how much does it cost ??

      • Cheers Jim
        I like wordpress better than other social media platforms like Facebook because old posts are easier to find with the the search engine and archive list, which makes it more useful as a diary of your progress in the hobby.
        It’s also free to set up. You only incur costs if you need more storage space. I have been doing it for 19 months and I’ve only used 10% of the space that was allocated to me at the start. When you do need more space the costs are very reasonable

      • hi Robert that’s very interesting about wordpress and worth thinking about

        I will let you know if and when I get going with posting on it
        take care


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