The Fruits of Autumn

Our weather has been awful this year and I was a little concerned that the berries on my cotoneasters would not ripen due to the lack of sunshine. Many of the flowering and fruiting shrubs in my garden have not performed very well at all due to the poor weather but because these trees are in pots, I have been able to move them about to take advantage of what little sun we have had.

This one is shaping up well but will need a better quality pot in the coming year.


This one. which is in a Yamaaki semi cascade pot, was just started this year from material collected from the garden. It was originally a cutting taken 8 years ago.


This one, which was started just over a year ago also originated from a cutting. Next year I think it needs to be tilted slightly to the left.


This one is beginning to fill out well, I may transfer it to a semi cascade pot next season.


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