Cotoneaster Shohin Summer Update

I have been working on this tree for several years and it has the slowest growth rate of all my cotoneasters. I gave it its first full wiring just over a year ago and its now time it had another, to incorporate the new growth. As soon as the weather warms up in spring it pushes out numerous flower buds but very little extension growth; so for the past 2 seasons I have been removing them as soon as they appear.

This is how it looked after last years work.

Cotoneaster 2014

And this is how it looks today after one years further growth.


In the next picture all the new growth has been wired in.


I think it might benefit from a slight change of front when it is re-potted next year. The next picture demonstrates what I mean.


This is a reminder of what it looked like when I started it in 2011.

Cotoneaster 2011


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