Callicarpa Japonica Update

I have allowed this chuhin sized Japanese Beautyberry to grow rather wild this year, in an attempt to build the strength required to see it through our cold long winter months. It suffered the loss of a few key branches last winter but the strong new growth that it has put on since the much needed re-pot in the spring, should more than compensate for the winter losses. The flowers are forming and if the weather is kind over the next few months there is the promise of a larger crop of purple berries than it produced last year.


This is how it is looking at the moment after pruning and thinning the unnecessary branches. It will be fully re-wired after leaf drop. I had hoped to have it in a new pot by this time but as yet I have been unable to find anything suitable.

Colourful good quality show pots in larger sizes are rare items at the moment.



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