2 Shohin Chojubai in Development

I have had these trees for almost 2 seasons now and they seem to be happy in the microclimate of my garden. Each year in  April they produce an abundance of beautiful red flowers, which light up my benches but for the rest of the year, when the shoots start to extend, they can look a little untidy. Getting these trees to the stage where they will look good on a show bench, at any time of the year, will take time. My priority, at this time, is to reduce the root mass to a level where it will grow healthily and with vigour in a smaller shohin show pot. This is not as straightforward as it seems as both trees have very long thick roots, which were wound in a tight circle in the training pots during their early development.

This is how the first one looked in April of this year.


and this is how it looked in late August 2015. I have not removed this tree from its pot in the time I’ve had it.


This is how it looks at the moment after a trim, some root reduction and a re-pot into a slightly smaller container.

Side A


Side B


This is how my second Chojubai looked  when it flowered this year. This tree was removed from its pot last year and some of the thick roots were removed. The post that featured this work can be found here.


Because this tree had more room for root development the new shoots are very long.


This is how it looks at the moment after pruning and root reduction. Even after last years work, I still had to remove a significant number of large roots this year with a view to planting it in a small shohin pot either next year or the year after. At the moment for stability and to encourage new fibrous roots, I have re-planted it deep, in the same pot that housed it last year.

Side A


Side B



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