Itoigawa Juniper (late Summer Update)

I re-potted this juniper several months ago and surprisingly it has continued to grow unchecked. It has put on so much new growth in fact that there is a danger that the foliage pads could merge into a single undefined mass. Some seasonal pruning is required to allow light into the interior and keep it in shape.


This is the tree that had its first styling one year ago, when I participated in a Marc Noelanders weekend workshop.


It has developed very well in the past year but will probably need another growing season to get the foliage balanced precisely as I would like it.


After half an hour I have removed a considerable amount of foliage from the interior and also a rather large branch which was obscuring the jins at the back of the tree


With the foliage opened up a little I took the opportunity to carry out some refinement of the deadwood.


Cleaned up with a fresh coat of lime sulphur. I just have to find the right pot and display table for this now.







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