A Little Carving on a Larch

At our midweek “get together”, Gerry and I decided that we would do a little carving on a larch that was re-styled earlier this year.

This is how it looked before and after the work in March this year. The main trunk was chopped back and only the 2 lowest branches were retained.


The upper branch was wired up to form a new leader and the lower one  wired down and forward to create the main branch.


The wire is off now and both branches are holding their new positions quite well but the tree will need to be fully re-wired in the winter. It’s time to tackle that unsightly chop



We used a mixture of power tools and hand tools to complete the work shown in the next 3 photographs



The deadwood was treated with a blowtorch to burn off the fine fibres and a coat of clear wood preserver was applied, this will weather to a natural colour in time. We will let this dry out at the moment and decide at a later time if it needs further refinement.


I also did some initial carving on a larger larch stump but that will feature in another post later in the year.




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