Homemade Rock for a Bonsai Landscape (Update)

My recently constructed landscape rock has now fully set. The method used for construction can be found in this earlier post.


When it had set sufficiently, I removed the wet paper that I had used to create the drainage channels within the stone.



Holes for drainage were drilled from the planting pockets into the drainage channels or directly to the underside of the stone. Additional holes were added for the securing wires, which were fixed into position with impact adhesive. I found that during the curing process, the stone could be textured quite easily with a pointed steel tool. I used a root hook for this purpose.



I am using a homemade “keto” substitute as a planting medium, which is made from 1 part akadama (ground to a powder) and 1 part finely sieved peat, mixed with water.

Planting is now underway but will take some time to complete as I seek out suitable material.

This is how it looks at the moment.



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