Re-Potting a Tall Scots Pine

I had Gerry in the garden today to get some advice on the potting of one of his large pines. In a normal year it might be considered too late in the season to attempt such a thing; but this year it has been so cold and wet that all of our trees are a bit behind where they should be at this time. As the tree is very healthy and the candles have not yet fully opened, we decided to give it a go.

His plan for the future is to train this tree in the literati style, so he wanted to get the tree out of the large oval pot and into something smaller and round..

This is how it looked at the start of the work.


This is the new pot by Ian Baillie. It’s a little deeper than the old pot and the front to back measurements are the same.


Out of the old pot and it’s just a case of shaping an oval root mass into the round.


We added additional mycorrhizal fungi to the new soil mix


And this is how it looks at the moment. The tree will be kept in the shade for the next few months and the soil will be kept slightly moist until it shows strong signs of recovery.



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