Blauws Juniper Re-pot

Our weather is now warm enough to attempt the  re-potting of junipers. The first up is my large Blauws Juniper, which I have been developing since 2011. The development of this tree can be viewed in my earlier posts here Part 1 and here Part 2.

The first picture shows the tree in its training pot just after it was wired last year.

Blauws Juniper After (2014)

I have decided it will fit in this nice Japanese oval that I acquired from my good friend Robert Porch last year.


Another step closer to where I would like it to be


It will probably need another season or 2 for the foliage to fill out the way I would like it but at the moment I am very pleased with its progress.


I like this viewing angle as it shows the movement of the trunk and the deadwood to best effect.


This is a reminder of how it looked in 2011.

Blauws Juniper Before (2011)

Blauws Juniper Before (2011)

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