Re-potting My Literati Pines

These 2 Scots Pines were  given their first styling in the literati style towards the end of last season and about 1 week ago, I decided that it was time to reduce the roots slightly and re-pot them as the new seasons candles were extending but were not yet fully open.

The first one is quite an old tree with very rugged bark and this is how it looked before this most recent work


This is a reminder of how it looked last season before the initial styling


This is the pot it will be housed in for the next few years. A ceramic drum pot by Scottish potter Ian Baillie


It is quite slow growing and has been in this mica training pot for about 12 years. Now that it is out of the pot I can see that it has a very dense network of fine roots, which will have to be reduced slightly to make it fit in the new pot.


Job done for the moment. This will not be the final pot for this tree, ultimately I would like to get it into something a little smaller but this size will be useful during its’ continued development.


The second tree, which requires a change of planting angle, has been in its current pot for four years. In that time it has grown vigorously and filled the pot with roots. It requires some substantial pruning of thick roots to accommodate the new planting angle.


For the moment I have re-potted it in the training pot that housed the previous tree.


This is a reminder of how it looked last year before the initial styling.




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