Re-Potting Some Shohin Pines

Although the weather, so far this year in my part of the world, has been less than ideal for working on my trees, there is still a lot of re-potting to be done. This week I have started work on my pines.


The first to be tackled is this small Japanese Black Pine, which was imported from Japan last year. It’s a lovely little tree and it is growing very well at the moment but I would like to put it into a slightly larger pot to ensure that this vigour continues. The left hand side of the tree needs to fill out a little more to complete the image and the new pot should help to achieve this in the shortest possible time


Here it is in it’s new pot by Bigei


This white pine needs a new planting angle. It was styled last year and put into this Yamaaki semi-cascade pot. I have noticed since then that although it continues to grow the needles are a little more yellow than they were last year. When I removed it from the pot, I saw that there was no micorrhizal fungus in the soil, which might explain why it’s looking slightly off colour.

Japanese White Pine After (2014)

I have changed the planting angle and re-potted it into this slightly larger Bigei pot, having first given the roots a good dusting with micorrhizal fungus, Hopefully this should improve the foliage colour.



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