Lanarkshire Bonsai Club Meeting 3/5/2015

I thought I would share a few pictures of today’s club meeting. Our main task for the day was to select the best of our members trees for our club’s display at The Scottish Bonsai Exhibition, which takes place in the coastal town of Troon in 2 weeks time. This is the most competitive show Scotland, where the nine Scottish clubs gather for one day in the year to compete as a club.  So it is important that the best available trees are selected to represent each club.



Our display will be arranged in 2 runs of tables 18 feet in length divided by white boards. On one side we will have the larger trees and on the other side our shohin trees. Our shohin display will be an extended version of the one that took first place at the Barnsley Show, last year.




The next picture was taken at last years event and gives an indication how part of our display stand might look.


This is our winning display from Barnsley, last year.



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