Juniper Rigida Shohin Re-Pot

I have finally got round to re-potting my Juniper Rigida shohin. It has been in this unsuitable semi-cascade pot since I acquired it last year.


Those of you who follow my blog on a regular basis will know that I have been concerned about the health of this tree since I bought it. A significant part of the dead wood was rotten and the new shoots that emerged over last summer were very yellow and never really hardened off to a healthy green colour despite the application of copious amounts of balanced fertiliser. The rot, which suggested neglect of the tree in the years before I acquired it, has been removed and the remaining dead wood treated with a wood hardener. The yellow shoots are still a bit of a mystery at the moment but I suspect that it may be the result of a mineral deficiency in the soil, possibly a lack of magnesium. Time will tell.

I had some difficulty removing the tree from the old pot, which suggested that it hadn’t been re-potted in a long time. The top layer of soil was very decomposed and wet and contained no live roots. The lower half was slightly better and contained all of the live root.


Here it is today re-potted in fresh soil, which will let the roots breath, in a new pot by Ikkou Watanabe. I haven’t decided which side will form the viewing front of the tree, both have good potential, I think. I have covered the soil in sphagnum moss to help mitigate the stresses of the re-pot.




2 thoughts on “Juniper Rigida Shohin Re-Pot

  1. Thanks Piotr, I can’t make up my mind, which side I prefer at the moment, both have good potential, I think. I might try to style it so that both sides can be used as the front.

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