Shohin Yew Gets a New Pot

This shohin yew that I acquired last year was re-potted into its first bonsai pot today. When I first brought it home, I was concerned about the soil condition and the drainage in the pot. It was a little late in the season for a full re-pot so it was lifted out of its original pot and placed in the larger one you can see in the first picture with a fresh drainage layer of kiryu.


When I removed it from its pot today I could see that the upper layer of old soil was very decomposed and contained very few live fleshy roots. The soil in the lower layer was still in good condition and contained all of the live roots. I removed as much of the old soil as possible and re-potted it into this deep Zenigo pot. The tree will be rested now until it shows good signs of recovery


This is a lovely tree and I am looking forward to developing it further.

Lanarkshire Bonsai Club Meeting 5/4/2015

Today I attended the monthly meeting of the Lanarkshire Bonsai Club at Wattston Bonsai near Glasgow. The main activity for this month was a pine workshop led by Robert Porch. Unfortunately I arrived a little late and missed most of this. For late arrivers like me, it was also an early opportunity to check out Dougie Smith’s new stock from Japan.

Here are some pictures from the day

Nice to see the trees in the open air for the first time this year


Plenty of mice shohin material among the new stock

White Pine


Another nice White Pine


Chojubai over rock


Amelanchier or Juneberry


Ilex Serrata




What’s Happened to the Weather ?

The Spring re-potting of my deciduous trees got off to a good start last week but quickly came to a halt as the weather changed for the worse. My trees seem very confused.

Some, like this acer and my 2 flowering cherries have valiantly pushed onward with great vigour.


Others, like my pomegranate and zelkovas seem to have gone into retreat and are stubbornly refusing to push out new growth until the weather warms up.


The worst affected is this kiyohime maple, which was covered in small buds some of which have died back with the recent cold nights. I had hoped to have re-potted this by now but I’ll now have to wait until its looking a bit stronger.


In contrast, my evergreens are getting greener every day with the increasing daylight.


I just wish it was a little warmer.