Weathering the Storm

The unsettled start to the season in the northern parts of the UK isn’t over yet and continues to play havoc with the more tender leafed species, especially small trees which have recently been re-potted. Overnight temperatures below freezing means that most of my deciduous trees still require the protection of the greenhouse at night.

This first picture sums up what it is like at the moment. The sun is shining and the remains of the latest hail storm are still visible on the greenhouse roof glass.


There are still quite a number of trees to be re-potted this week and I have Gerry visiting today for our midweek get together


He brought along this Fuji cherry, which he started last year from nursery material.


This is how it looks at the moment in a stunning new pot by Walsall Ceramics. This little tree will really glow in that pot, when it flowers next year.


This is a small Korean Hornbeam, which he also acquired last year, isn’t performing as well as it should in this shallow container


This is probably a better  front and planting angle for the next stage of development


Re-potted into another terrific pot by Walsall


We were delighted to see 2 pictures in this month’s issue of Bonsai Focus magazine, which show Gerry and I enjoying the exhibits at this year’s Noelander’s Trophy.


(The above image is reproduced from Bonsai Focus Magazine issue 134/157)



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