Sun, Small Trees and Good Company

Yesterday, I travelled northward to meet up with my good friend Gerry for our customary mid week get together to discuss and work on our trees. I really look forward to these days, it’s a real pleasure to meet up with friends and be able to share in joy of bonsai with others, who enjoy it as much as I do.


Gerry preparing his Fuji cherry in readiness for a re-pot


Gerry’s first attempt at air layering a horse chestnut has been very successful.


Transplanted into a pond basket to develop the roots further


This juniper rigida, which I initially styled last year, which appears on my new before and after page, needed a more appropriate pot and a slight change of angle.


This is how it’s looking at the moment in a new zenigo pot


This small white pine was chopped back and re-potted


Her it is after the work in a new yamaaki cascade pot


As always, the time passed all too quickly, but we do have next week to look forward to. Lets hope the weather stays fine.




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