2 Zelkovas Re-Potted

My 2 shohin zelkovas have been late to bud this year because of the cold start to the season. They are on their way now so I decided to re-pot them this week.

The first one had been growing for 2 seasons in this green Chinese pot.


The old pot had a good depth for root development and the tree has grown with vigour during this time. I fancied something a little brighter this year so I have transferred it to this yellow glazed rectangle with rounded corners by Walsall Ceramics. I think it works well


I have been using the second tree for shows so it has spent its life with me in this shallow lotus shaped pot by Ikkou Watanabe. The tree is very healthy but its growth has been slower than the previous example because there is less room in the pot for root development. I will give it one more year in this pot and then I will rest it in a larger one for a couple of years to allow faster development.



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