Potentilla Shohin from Nursery Stock

Potentilla Fruticosa is a common species of flowering shrub, which is particularly suited to the creation large and small bonsai due to its small leaves, profusion of flowers in season and the sinuous fissured trunks of mature specimens.

This is the progression. so far of a shohin sized tree that I began in the summer of 2013.

The first picture shows the tree in the raw state from the nursery in June 2013.


This is how it looked a few hours later after the first styling


This is how it looks today in April 2015, it was transplanted into the blue pot last year. It is now growing with some vigour and starting to look like a bonsai. The future development will be mainly clip and grow with a minimal use of wire as and when necessary to place the branches


This is a photoshop image of how I hope it will look in the not too distant future.


This is how it looked last year in flower


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