Spring has arrived. Well, almost!

We are still getting quite hard frosts at night but the daytime temperatures here in Scotland have risen considerably in the last week. In the past few days, some off my trees have had their first airing outside the greenhouse in five months.

Here’s a few of my cotoneasters enjoying a few hours in the rejuvenating spring rain. The berries will be removed and top layer of soil will be refreshed in the next few days. We are getting very close to the time when the annual rush of spring activity will begin and all those jobs which have been accumulating over the winter will have to be tackled to get our trees ready for the new season.


I started my re-potting today. This Potentilla was the first to be done. It has been in this pot for two seasons and it was quite difficult to extract it. Most of the roots were on the outside of the rootball. The interior was very dry and did not have many roots at all. I cut the roots back by about half and re-planted it in the same pot with some fresh soil.




I also selected and wired the branches I want to keep on my small hawthorns



And so the cycle begins again.


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