A Visit to Wattston Bonsai

Unfortunately I missed this months meeting of the Lanarkshire Bonsai Club, which is held on the first Sunday of the month at the premises of one of Europe’s largest importers of Japanese Bonsai, Wattston Bonsai. However, on the Saturday before the club meetings, Dougie Smith, the proprietor, has an open day when enthusiasts from all over the country, can come to stock up on supplies, work on their trees and catch up on all the bonsai news over a cup of coffee.

I needed to stock up on soil for the forthcoming season, so I braved the snowy conditions and made the journey, it’s always worthwhile.

Even at this time of year there is always something on the benches that will catch your eye


Club member Jim McMaster, took the opportunity to clean this yew using Dougie’s high pressure spray gun. I was very impressed with this tool, it does a terrific job of cleaning those difficult to reach areas between the branches of trees.


As always, we had a terrific afternoon in the finest of company.

Next month the new stock from Japan will be arriving, I for one, am looking forward to that

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