Larch Number 3 Rewired

This is the last of the three larches that were de-wired last week to have new wire re-applied.

First a reminder of how it looked when the old wire was removed. Most of the primary branches are now more or less where I would like them to be, but the one on the bottom left still needs a little persuasion and the secondary branches which have extended also need a little refinement.


This is how it is looking at the moment after todays work.


I like this tree, it has a great nebari, nice trunk taper and movement and thin delicate branches.


12 thoughts on “Larch Number 3 Rewired

  1. Great tree, Robert. The pot works really well. It’s nice to see fat buds on larches at this time of year, to remind us that spring isn’t too far away!

  2. I would look the loose the top 3 twigs and re use the ones underneath. They are of usable thickness and you would be able to rework the image significantly 🙂

    Otherwise… Love it. I have one similar haha i need to tackle wih some wire 😉

  3. It seems like there are not many larches with good nebaris. This one has it.
    If one wanted to buy it, how much would such a tree cost?

    • £500.00 sounds a little low to me. In light of what was said above regarding the frequency of such trees. So… if you ask me, you can set a higher price. 😉

      • Yes I think your right. The truth is that you can ask whatever you want for a tree but whether it ever fetches that price is another matter. It depends very much on the local market

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