Larch Number 1 Rewired

The first of 3 chuhin larches that I de-wired last week has been be rewired today. This one was collected in 2012.

This is a reminder of how it looked last week before branch selection and rewiring


and this is how it looks at the moment

larch 2

A little more ramification and this will be ready to go into a nice pot


3 thoughts on “Larch Number 1 Rewired

  1. Hhhmmmm it sitting funny with me…

    Could you notbebrave and lop the top off … At the top ‘bar branch’ and leave the right hand branch
    If you block the pic off with your hand you’ll see what i mean
    Bry 😉

  2. Hi Bry
    Thanks for your comment. It is an interesting point that you make. I personally do not get overly concerned about the odd “bar branch” in a larch because of the temporary nature of the branches in this species anyway. By this I mean, when you look at a larch that’s been in cultivation for a long time, very often the branches have become too thick for the composition, the tree loses its balance and grace and starts to look like a heavily pruned shrub in a pot. At that stage, the only viable option is to restyle the material from scratch.
    At the moment, in this tree, the branches are thin and graceful and the bar branch forms an essential part of the current composition. Larches, by their very nature cannot be kept looking the same forever but to simply lop off a branch and rework the tree because, at this stage in its development, it does not conform to traditional rules of aesthetics would be counter productive. A good tree evolves over time, we are not obliged to make all the important decisions at the start of that development.

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